Read This Before Class!

Things You Should Know

The address for the Academy is 1210 E State Street, Suite 10 in Sycamore and we are located within the same building as C.O.P.S., Inc., and Line-X (you enter at door next to Line-X).  For a map and/or directions click link below:

Click here for map and/or directions

Once you arrive you will enter the building at the door adjacent to the LineX shop, go down the hall and turn left, walk toward the “High School” sign and we are on the right. Please plan to arrive fifteen minutes before the beginning of class.

BEFORE CLASS – If you will be applying for a Concealed Carry Permit, you may wish to take advantage of the shorter application time (90 days instead of 120) by having your electronic fingerprints taken prior to class. You are welcome to choose your own, but we have the link to a local provider below.


  • A pad/binder/notebook for taking notes and a writing instrument
  • Your FOID Card
  • Your NRA Card (if a member)
  • Hearing and Eye Protection (required for range)
  • Firearm and Holster (read notice below)
  • Ammunition (minimum of 50 rounds caliber specific to your firearm)
  • Any documentation supporting claim of Credit Hours (DD214, etc.)
  • Your file number for your electronic fingerprints

For the NRA Basic Pistol or the first 8 hours of the 16 hour Illinois Concealed Carry Classes, you will not need your firearm in the classroom, so please leave them secured and out of sight within your vehicle. At NO TIME will live ammunition be allowed in the classroom in the possession of a student.

For the second half of the Concealed Carry Course you may bring your unloaded and cased firearm to the classroom. You will need to have at a minimum 50 rounds of caliber appropriate practice ammunition with you when we go to the range. Again, at NO TIME will students be allowed live ammunition in the classroom.


Meals are not provided by Cuspis Training and there will be no formal dining times, however there will be breaks. You are welcome to bring a sack lunch (weekends) or sack dinner (evenings) with you to class and soft drinks/snacks are available at the convenience store next to C.O.P.S. Pizza Hut, Jimmy John’s and Tom & Jerry’s all deliver to the Academy. Bottled water is provided at no charge.


In addition to the tuition costs for this class, you will need to make these additional investments:

  • State Fees ($150 + $3.53 convenience fee) – $153.53
  • Electronic Fingerprinting (optional) – about $60
  • Suitable head and shoulders photograph (required) – $15
  • Processing/Uploading of documentation (optional) – $30
  • State Fee – $150

INDIVIDUAL & GROUP INSTRUCTION/TRAINING is available. Please contact a staff member for scheduling and pricing.


Illinois State Police Firearm Services Bureau (applications and information)

Local Fingerprints–de-kalb-60115.html

NRA Membership


We thank you for your trust and look forward to providing all of your firearm training and consulting needs now and in the future.

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