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Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

What is the cost for an Illinois Concealed Carry License?


$150 for 5 years for Illinois residents
$300 for 5 years for out-of-state residents

OTHER FEES (in addition to class/instruction):

      • Range Fee (must be paid to CUSPIS in advance) – $15
      • Electronic Fingerprinting (optional – provided by others)  – about $60
      • Suitable head and shoulders digital photograph – $15*
      • Processing/Uploading of documentation (includes digital photograph) – $30*

Items marked with an * are available from CUSPIS Training, but you are not required to obtain from us.

What are the requirements to obtain an Illinois Concealed Carry License?

Illinois Law requires Sixteen hours of training covering:

      • Firearm safety;
      • Principles of marksmanship;
      • Care, cleaning, loading and unloading of a concealable firearm;
      • Applicable state and federal laws relating to ownership, storage, carry and transport of a firearm;
      • Appropriate interaction with law enforcement while carrying
      • Pass a live fire exercise including a minimum of 30 rounds, with 10 rounds from five yards; 10 rounds from seven yards and 10 rounds from ten yards, using a B-27 silhouette target approved by the Illinois State Police (must accurately hit the target with at least 70% of the rounds fired).

Eight hours of instruction may be exempted if the Student/Applicant can provide any of the following documentation:

      • NRA Basic Pistol
      • NRA Personal Protection In the Home
      • NRA Personal Protection Outside of the Home
      • Active, Retired or Honorably Discharged member of the US Armed Forces (DD214)
      • Previously qualified law enforcement or corrections officer (430 ILCS 66/75 (j))


Where is my Illinois Concealed Carry License Honored?

Green notes Issuing State CCL

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