Features of Cuspis Training


(n) Cuspis [L] – A point; a sharp end. Some might think of this as a point on a knife or spear (see our logo), but can also refer to a point in time where a decision is made and behavior is changed forever. Some are forced into it by circumstance while others move from sheep to sheepdog by a conscious effort and a desire to never be a victim of or to protect other from the wolf. Cuspis Training exists to help facilitate that transition.


(n) Cadre – A nucleus or core group especially of trained personnel able to assume control and to train others. We are the instructors that will guide you in your pursuit of knowledge and self-defense. Some have practical experience based on the needs of their chosen career while others are former military. All have the desire to provide you personalized practical training that will allow you to operate and maintain your firearm safely and prepare you mentally for living in an increasingly hostile world.


(n) Cohort – A group of warriors or soldiers, companions or colleagues, or in our case, individuals having a statistical factor in common such as in training. Upon successful completion you too will be part of the cohort of those who have already completed their basic training with our cadre of instructors. They have come from all walks of life. Teachers to tow-truck drivers and security guards to students, all have benefited from the quality and depth of information shared and the personal interaction that makes class work more enjoyable and informative.


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