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Conceal Carry Course (16 hr)

This class includes both eight hour courses described below to provide the 16 hours of instruction required to legally carry a concealed handgun in Illinois. Please read both descriptions and should you have questions do not hesitate to contact me

Conceal Carry Course (8 hr)

Using Illinois State Police approved curriculum this course is 8 hours long and consists of classroom learning and instructor supervised range time to qualify for concealed carry in the state of Illinois. Students will learn about safely storing, transporting and carrying their firearm.

Renewal Conceal Carry (3 Hr)

Illinois concealed carry renewal course satisfies the Illinois state requirement to apply for the renewal of your Illinois concealed carry permit. The course covers a review of the legal use of force, updates to the current IL statutes, a refresher on prohibited areas and interaction with law enforcement. A 30 round qualification shoot will take place during the 3 hour renewal course.


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